weekend postcard | beach combing

The stretch of South Cottesloe beach is my favourite place to beach comb and search for interesting pieces washed up on the shore.

The photos here show the assortment of shells, sea glass and other ocean treasures that Mum and I collected in just two hours, navigating the jagged rockpools, sandstone potholes and large mounds of tangled, briny seaweed.

The waters along South Cott are popular with surfers and snorkelers alike as they cover large stretches of reef.

The northern-most access is a steep concrete stairway down a sheltered rock face, ending not on a traditional sandy beach but an exposed reef platform which continues south and is backed by low limestone cliffs rather than sand dunes.

It’s incredible to watch the changing landscape between seasons. In summer the sand builds up along the waterline and covers the lower-lying pockets of the rocky shore, creating winding sandy paths between the higher remnant of reef.

But in winter the ocean reclaims possession of the coast, the higher tides eroding the sandy veneer to lay bare the skeleton below.

A couple of days ago stormy weather had passed over the coastline during the night, resulting in fantastic swell and a large congregation of surf lovers taking advantage of the breakers…

angelica talen

photographer & stylist


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